Elizabeth Chapman Georgia Artist

Elizabeth Chapman’s paintings are glorious studies in color, texture and form.  Her embrace of raw materials, combined with the balance she strikes between gestural spontaneity and careful deliberation, is enormously appealing. They make me hear music.

      Michael Mills, Broward-Palm Beach New Times

Elizabeth Chapman marries interesting and diverse materials together to form a tight composition.  The viewer gets lost in the intricate details of the mixed media, while simultaneously appreciating the entire composition.

             Rebecca Grunberger, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Every painting is an adventure in the search for truth and beauty through the use of color, form and light. The tools of painting, design and technique can be formulated and they become our vocabulary of painting.  It is not just what the eye sees, but what the soul senses that is important. First Place is awarded to Elizabeth Chapman.

            Gary Katz, Juror, Artists’ Guild of The Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL

Elizabeth Chapman’s work is intensely sublime, indefinable and fresh.

Mark W. Hutchison, Photographer and writer for Views magazine

Elizabeth Chapman’s mixed-media paintings grab the viewer’s attention with imagery that ebb and flow on the picture plane with soft lines and fluid movement.

Joel Betancourt, The Palm Beach Post

Your painting took my breath away.  It’s just lovely, peaceful, and three-dimensional in spirit as well as color and depth.

Deborah Fiorito, Collector, President, 20K Group, Houston, TX

Elizabeth Chapman’s interplay of light and color inspires simultaneous feelings of joy and peace.

             Lynn Woosley, Collector

You overflow with talent! I am a very lucky “patron” and I am very, very pleased.

Peter Baron, Collector, Lake Forest, IL

Elizabeth Chapman is a serious art maker.  The strongest work struck me with its successful integration of materials, concept, and execution.

Victoria Skinner, Juror, Boca Raton Museum Artists’ Guild Juried Exhibition

Elizabeth Chapman’s paintings are earthy yet ethereal.  Her exhibition of works is rich, organic, innovative and intense.

Alexia Davis, Broward-Palm Beach New Times

Elizabeth Chapman’s paintings are seductive, absolutely seductive.

Eydi Lampasona, president, International Society of Experimental Artists

Viewing Elizabeth Chapman’s tremendous and varied outpouring of creative energy is a richly rewarding process.  Among the major pieces in our gallery are her gorgeous large abstract canvases with their pure aqueous abstraction.

Laura C. Lieberman, Executive Director, Douglasville Cultural Arts Council Gallery

Your beautiful creation has opened up a world of discovery to me and my family that I am forever indebted!  Your piece is the “stand out” in the living room!

    Dr. Therese Tlapek, Nashville TN

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<<h1>contemporary expressionist abstract artist elizabeth chapman atlanta georgia southeast Elizabeth Chapman - Georgia Artist

Elizabeth Chapman (born in Missouri) is an award-winning contemporary abstract expressionist painter. She relocated to Acworth, GA from Boca Raton, FL, where she taught at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.</h1>